Patricia driscoll dating kurt busch

But even though Busch had a horrible temper, and even though Driscoll told Think Progress that he had previously abused her — she claims Busch hit her when he was drunk back in 2012, an allegation that Busch has denied in court — she still envisioned a future with the driver. I know that guy is in there, I know he exists, why don’t you try to be him all the time? That Sunday, he had a terrible race in New Hampshire that knocked him out of contention for a championship.Every time she was close to calling it quits, he would find a way to draw her back in. Busch was irate afterwards, screaming at everyone in sight — his crew members, his motorhome driver, and especially Driscoll.She was encouraged all along by members of the NASCAR community who recognized Busch’s talent and wanted to see him get back to the top of the sport.Over and over again, she remembers hearing the same refrain: “If anyone can handle [Busch] it’s you.“Any time he saw you at the edge, he would make you the promises that he was going to fix this. She was sure he’d calm down after they left the track — after all, they were supposed to go straight from the New Hampshire track to a romantic New England getaway to celebrate their four-year anniversary. Driscoll testified later in court that as Busch drove away in their rental car, his anger quickly shifted from his NASCAR team to their relationship.

“You always think it couldn’t happen to you, this is not the guy I see,” she said.Maybe he needs a good woman to straighten this situation out.” For a while, her presence did seem to be making an impact — Busch was calmer on the track, and more professional off of it.When he clinched a spot in the 2013 Chase, he cried and dedicated the race to Driscoll’s son, Houston, while talking about how much he cherished his role as a “stepdad.” “To me, it’s a chapter as if I am married and I’m not single and this is what my role is in life right now is to help him grow as a young man and also with my career, getting it back on track and being successful in all areas,” he said.In 2012, he was named the most hated NASCAR driver in America by Forbes, and his reputation was well-earned.In September of 2011, Busch got into a couple of on-track dust-ups with NASCAR fan favorite Jimmie Johnson.

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