Pepper dating

Once your peppers have begun to boil in the mixture, add your powdered pectin.

The pectin will help the mixture set to a jelly-like consistency once it cools completely.

That being said, pepper plants can get affected by heaps of harmful diseases. One of the predominant symptoms associated with these diseases is change in the color of the pepper plant. In fact, yellowing of the leaves is a common problem experienced by most gardeners out there.

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In some cases, you may have to voluntarily supply the plant with excess water to prevent the plant from turning yellow.

Roughly chop your peppers then place into a large, heavy bottomed pot.

Cover with sugar and pour in a couple cups of apple cider vinegar.

They should be firm and glossy, with a healthy stem, no bruises. While you’re grocery shopping, might as well pick up a baguette and your favorite spreadable cheese (goat cheese, cream cheese, and Boursin are all good options) to enjoy with your jelly!

Now comes the fun part – creating your homemade hot pepper jelly!

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