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I have now purchased the complete list and am looking forward to the new, exciting projects that will be pouring in as a result. Thanks Serhiy, for this great initiative which gave my business a jump start I never could have accomplished otherwise! The e-mails I sent out based on this list have kept me more than busy (working more than fulltime) for 1.5 years now.I have not done any marketing since, because I did not have the capacity to take on any more jobs :-) Still, 1,5 years after sending out those e-mails, I am contacted by agencies that registered me in their database back then, offering me jobs.I got numerous simultaneous dialogs via email, chat, Skype, mail. If you can't afford to buy the full database of translation agencies even by parts, in installments, you may consider ordering single-country databases below.Thus now we have about 100 new clients, it's our success. But if you need translation jobs, you will have much much better chances of obtaining them if you use the full database (see the table above) as single-country databases are very small in comparison with the full database of potential employers in all countries.In fact, the information presented on this page about the usefulness of the database mainly concerns the full database of We plan to raise the price of the full database of translation agencies (freelancer license) a little bit in the future (we gradually raise the price, from time to time, as the database grows and the currency devalues).Michael Harlan Lyman A native English speaker proofreader Palm Beach Gardens, Florida United States It was great! It's all due to the combination of our wonderful website localization platform and your professional approach to the matter and unique services!I purchased the short list 2 months ago and have since then earned back my investment many times over!In fact, I earned it back with the first project that came from it.

Lo compré todo en un sólo pago y aún no termino de usarlo porque tengo muchísimo trabajo. que me permitió dar con el listado y por darme los medios para adquirirlo.Yours Sincerely, Peter Sibley Sibley Lingua Hamburg Germany I have ordered the full database and the mailing service a week ago.I've already received dozens of excellent responses and have already received and completed work that will pay for what your service cost - thank you very much!!I received hundreds of positive responses from translation agencies I sent my CV to and they have all included me in their database of freelance translators.Since I started using the list, I have completed over 20 large and small projects and I receive requests for quotes on a daily basis for even more projects. I purchased your list the first week of my translating career, having no customers yet, thinking "what the heck, I might just as well give it a try".

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