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Shortly thereafter, the area came under sniper and mortar fire.

During a subsequent attempt to evacuate the site, American forces came under heavy assault by a large Viet Cong force.

They were 24/7, so it took a while to learn how to sleep with mechanics coming an going all night long!

The 41st running at full speed three shifts, with a full complement of mechanics and support personnel, caring for a couple of Grumman HU-16 Albatross search-and-rescue amphibian aircraft.

With complete disregard for personal safety, Airman Pitsenbarger volunteered to ride a hoist more than one hundred feet through the jungle, to the ground.

On the ground, he organized and coordinated rescue efforts, cared for the wounded, prepared casualties for evacuation, and insured that the recovery operation continued in a smooth and orderly fashion.

We had a hell of a send off party for him, and decorated his bunk area with memorabilia.

It was generally speculated that Pits probably didn't sober up until he got to the Philippines! Our aircraft and pilots were constantly running rescue missions in Viet Nam, with Paramedics assigned to each mission.

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