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Their acquisitions, now in the Harvard Art Museums, included a statue of an attendant bodhisattva (Harvard Art Museum, 1924.70) and wall paintings from Dunhuang. Note: Interestingly, although many archaeologists from this imperial age acquired items from Dunhuang, it is Langdon Warner who receives most criticism, with visitors to the caves being shown the places from where these items originated.Of course, Aurel Stein is also often vilified when it comes to his acquisitions from the Dunhuang Library Cave.] The Museum also houses many sculptures from Kharakhoto.Fragment of a wall painting showing bodhisattvas now in the Freer Sackler Galleries, probably from Kucha (see p.5). Michelle Wang (Georgetown University), her work systematized and greatly expanded that started previously by IDP which had resulted in items from the Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institute, Morgan Library and Museum, Princeton East Asian Library and University Art Museum, the Lo Collection, and UCLA becoming available online.

Altogether, the project has reached out to more than 500 North American institutions.

Posts on the IDP Blog are introducing pieces as they become part of IDP. Similar to the situation in Europe and East Asia, there are collections resulting from expeditions as well as those purchased from various sources.

Introduced here are several examples of explorations in the twentieth century.

To date, more than 1300 manuscripts, objects, and archival materials have been identifed as fitting within the scope of IDP.

This number includes very fragmentary pieces and increases if we include collections that we have not had the opportunity to examine.

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