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This number says it's T-Mobile but somehow they get your number as an ex-T-mobile user and try to scam you by saying you still owe them money- Do not answer- I suggest you add them to your contact list with the name "Do Not Answer"I did a search for that number you listed northglenn- Seems as if this is not portfolio, this is a company called ARS, another zombie debt collector- From the people commenting on that page, do a search on this site for that number, these people seem to be very similar to the typical zombie debt collectors I have read aboutthey identified themselves as being a representative of the federal govt- they tried to tell me i had won a prize- when i asked them to confirm they were representatives of the federal govt they hung up- tried calling back and number wont work in reverse Like Bob description (previous message), I received the same type of cryptic phone message at my work phone.

I called the number but got an answering machine with a faulty voice loop. SOFTTECH PROGRAMING SOLUTIONSThis guy Gary Hobbs is one of the names he uses, its not his real name his real name is David Von Riesen he is only , he is not legal, and he is located in Santa Ana Costa Rica, they have an office with ilegal guys in Santa Ana, the owner of this scam company is call JP , but his real name is Joan Pool Navarrete Bellido ID# , he is costa rican, they hide his scam company from the Costa Rica government under the name of SOFTTECH PROGRAMING SOLUTIONS ADVISORS SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDA D LIMITADA Company #, they always run from one place to another, renting houses, with a laptop n some phones, they have people in states to pick up the money by western union or moneygram, looking for old naive people to take their money- Costa Rica government cant do anything with them probably you guys can- Hope all the info helps to catch this scumbags There has never been a Sue K or Susan K living at the address or having this phone number- There is a Susan K Towns who has used my address and phone number- We keep getting calls and reports of bad credit on her- She is an ex-wife of my husband's deceased cousin- We don't know where she lives I also got a phone call yesterday at work from a guy from the number , with a terrible accent, he called himself Jack- He left a rude message on my phone and called my work place and was rude to them also- How can I get this not to happen anymore?

s address, on any envelope when communicating with a consumer by use of the mails or by telegram- A debt collector may use its business name if such name does not indicate it is in the debt collection business-Contact a Consumer at Work A collection agent may not communicate with consumers at their place of employment after being told this is unacceptable or prohibited by the employer-Seek Unjustifiable Amounts A debt collector may not demand any amounts not permitted under an applicable contract or as provided under law-Contact a Consumer Represented by an Attorney A collection agent may not contact a consumer after it learns the consumer is represented by a lawyer-Communicate With a Consumer After Receiving a Validation Request If a consumer sends a written §g response within days, the collection agent may not communicate with the consumer until it mails the consumer the requested verification of original creditor's name and address-Communicate With Third Parties A debt collector may not reveal or discuss the nature of a consumer?

s debts with third parties other than the consumer?

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