Quirkyalone dating

So I fell into a relationship with a man who wasn't right for me and realized the loneliness that comes from actually being alone is much better than that empty, cold loneliness that comes from being in a relationship that's not working.

Once I transcended that, I learned to appreciate and enjoy my solitude again and now I'm pretty content.

Yet make no mistake: We are no less concerned with coupling than your average serial monogamist.

Secretly, we are romantics, romantics of the highest order. Out of millions we have to find the one who will understand.

However, I've also learned how to live without one and stay happy regardless.

I wonder how many of these "quirkyalone" people are INFJs?

For the quirkyalone, there is no patience for dating just for the sake of not being alone.

On a fine but by no means transcendent date we dream of going home to watch television.

LOLI don't know how many of us might be INFJs, but I'm an ESTJI'm a Gemini, but I do identify with much of what is mentioned in the article.There is nothign to compare with that kind of serene personal experience and new outlook on the world. so you have to decide WHICH one (great relationship or problemmatic relationship) will ultimately lead to the most growth for you. Hey i have been called strange and quirky on more than 100 occassions!! I think the key is to learn to do both and to experience BOTH ways of life (single and coupled) to be confident with both lifestyles.....kind of confidence origniates WITHIN YOURSELF..that is discovered and developed while being alone. I'm not afraid to eat in a restaurant alone or travel alone and in fact, I usually enjoy it and most often make friends. For a time in my life I was so insanely busy, all I craved was solitude and couldn't get it.Then, I came to a place where I got it, then got bored and became lonely.

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