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They were the daughters of Laban, and both were married to Jacob, the son of their Uncle Isaac. It remains clear, however, that Rachel was far more attractive than her sister.

When Jacob first met Rachel in the fields taking care of her father Labans sheep, he fell deeply in love with her.

It was this impactful journalism – and the brave women whose stories were told – that ended the career of the powerful Hollywood mogul and opened the floodgates of the #Me Too movement inside Hollywood and beyond.

Haran was located in northern Mesopotamia, along a well-traveled trade route.But we do know that Sarah exploded and demanded that both Hagar and Ishmael be sent away immediately.This time Abraham didn he supplied Hagar and Ishmael with food and water and sent them away.But by its nature slavery involved the ownership of one person by another and thus the loss of the slaves right to make personal choices.When Sarai decided to give her husband Abram a child through Hagar, everything changed for the slave woman.

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