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As a result, they have little choice but to work in relatively low-paying unstable service sector jobs, many located inside traditional urban Asian ethnic enclaves.To illustrate these patterns, using data from the 2000 Census 5% PUMS, the following table presents distributions of occupational categories for different racial/ethnic and Asian groups (employed, ages 25-64).Kim Parker, associate director of the Social & Demographic Trends project, provided valuable comments and suggestions.Research Assistants Eileen Patten and Seth Motel did the number checking, and Marcia Kramer copy-edited the report.By Wendy Wang This report analyzes the demographic and economic characteristics of newlyweds who marry spouses of a different race or ethnicity, and compares the traits of those who “marry out” with those who “marry in.” The newlywed pairs are grouped by the race and ethnicity of the husband and wife, and are compared in terms of earnings, education, age of spouse, region of residence and other characteristics.This report is primarily based on the Pew Research Center’s analysis of data from the U. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) in 2008-2010 and on findings from three of the Center’s own nationwide telephone surveys that explore public attitudes toward intermarriage.The term “Asian” includes native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders. The terms “black” and “African American” are used interchangeably in this report. This report was researched and written by Wendy Wang, research associate at the Social & Demographic Trends project of the Pew Research Center. Passel, senior demographer at the Pew Research Center, participated in the initial planning of the project and prepared the couple-level ACS datasets for the analysis.

While a large proportion of Asian Americans are self-employed, most are conventional employees in the U. Reflecting the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the Asian American population, contemporary Asian Americans also have different employment and occupational mobility patterns as well.However, the middle layer of skilled manufacturing and blue collar jobs has generally been shrinking, thereby leading to this stratified labor market.At the low end of the labor market, many Asian Americans share much in common with early Chinese laborers in that they possess little formal skills and English fluency.Inside these early Chinatowns, the tradition of small business ownership developed as many Chinese provided services to other Chinese and increasingly, to non-Chinese, such as restaurants, laundry, and merchandise retailers. The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act led to the immigration of millions of Asians into the U. and also resulted in the growth of Asian ethnic enclaves in numerous metropolitan areas around the U. These two developments have led to a resurgence of self-employment among many Asian Americans.The phenomenon of self-employment has been a prominent mode of work for many Asian Americans, starting with the first Asian immigrants into the U. Scholars have described four general reasons why Asian Americans are likely to become self-employed, all of which can overlap with each other.

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