Radiometric dating according to creationists

It’s hard to find rocks on the surface of the Earth that have not been altered over time.

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Radiometric dating is possible because this decay occurs at a known rate, called the “half-life” of the radioactive element.

Radiometric dating requires that one understand the initial ratio of the two elements in a given sample by some means.

In this case, Argon-40 is a gas that easily bubbles out and escapes when it is produced in molten rock.

Once the rock hardens, however, all the Argon-40 is trapped in the sample, giving us an accurate record of how much Potassium-40 has decayed since that time.

So, if we find a rock with equal parts Potassium-40 and Argon-40, we know that half the Potassium-40 has decayed into Argon-40, and that the rock hardened 1.3 billion years ago.

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