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Their hook up and break up became a scoop for tabloid magazines and the media.This unexpected and heartbreaking event led the lovely actress to vow never to mix up her personal and private life.The theme of male breast cancer was brillliantly dealt with; the perfect mix of hilarity and poignancy. I REFUSE to watch Lee Sun-Kyun tarnish the image I have of him) I was so relieved with the ending. Up till episode 18, this drama was about to be my fav drama, despite the lead actress having a weak shameless personality, she cries almost all the time, she keeps going back and forth between 2 guys, I don't mind a lead actress portraying a weak girl because most girls are, and overtime they will show character growth and is successful in the end, but in this drama, she annoys me so much, I thought that it is only going to be in the first episode because somewhere in between she seems likable, the moment she chooses Hwa Shin, I can't even think, I mean like I know this is only a drama, but haven't the directors and script writer even think that this is the image that you are portraying to girls outside?And a superb backdrop for LHS' character development. To tell that someone should go back to someone who has emotionally abused their feeling? I just can't fathom the idea of the mentality "women love jerks" more because in reality this does not work. I have work and I watched this drama for only 4 days. At first, I watched this because Gong Hyo Jin is here coz she's one of my favorite korean actress.

In the end, this was an obstacle and only served to create a sense of dislike among viewers." She later dated an actor, Hyun Bin in 2009 but they spilled in 2011.

Though Song often measures herself as shy and reserved, her former high school teacher has described her as a girl with a smiling nature with a dazzling personality, who could easily blend with everyone in her friend’s circle.

And this self-proclaimed shy natured girl later gained popularity, via her acting in TV shows such as The Wind Blows, Full House, All In, Full House, and Autumn in My Heart. Talking about the beginning of her career in the showbiz, Song first started out as a model.

This Tuesday October 31st is Halloween for us in the US but in South Korean entertainment it was the star wedding of the year with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo tying the knot in Seoul at the Shilla Hotel.

Spectators were lined outside the hotel and got an eyeful with the guest arrival stream as impressive as any top awards show, so many A-listers who are all good friends with either or both of the couple.

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