Redmine git repository not updating

Go on the server and create a file called This will set your working tree to what is currently in the master branch.

redmine git repository not updating-68

I am trying to pinpoint which revision reintroduced the behavior, but it is a slow process because neither reverting the installation nor uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling an earlier version fixes it; I have to change to a fresh copy of a backup of my installation directory. Postscript, because I just thought of this: my testing thus far has not completely eliminated the possibility that the problem has something to do with updating the plugin, not the version to which I update it (that might make some sense of the inability to revert).

The RTU_Comm Lib directory contains the database along with what is known as the working tree.

When you push to the git repository, you are updating what is in the database, but the working tree doesn't change.

Add to Criffan's answer, 2valid Eclipse Plugin file, you have two method to install it (1) auto install In here when you are trying to install the plugin,sometimes it will give an error like Dialog appears when trying to add plugin we have to un tick group Items by Category in the details tab. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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