Renee zellweger dating george clooney

Now whether they think its a bearding or not, I have no idea. Because no matter how gay-friendly he is, of course it's in his professional interest to be a heart-throb for female viewers and therefore not seen as gay. Anyone who does not know that Tyson is gay is pretty much an outsider. I don't understand why it's so black and white here on DL. So it just shows you that you cannot tell anything about anyone in Hollywood for sure unless you really know them.

I mean a lot of the times they act like they don't know each other in pics or Orlando looks ready to through myself in front of a to my point at r37 and r40's point, Cheryl and other fangurls should realize that ALL celeb public personas are put out there for the purpose of public consumption. He could deny it in very gay-friendly terms if he wanted to. The sexuality of a hot piece of ass like that does not go unnoticed. There is not enough room in one post to list all who are gay (or bi) in Hollywood. As I have posted a number of times in here, my partner (he died a few years ago) and I were friends with an Oscar-winning star we met through friends at a gay party. He had the reputation of being a 'pussyhound' before his marriage and had been linked to many female stars. Here is a more realistic and accurate list: Will Smith Tom Cruise Nathan Lane Kevin Spacey John Tavolta Usher P Diddy50 cent (according to Rufus)Lebron James Maxwell (have yoy heard the Kate Bush cover?

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Jake can always play the straight gay friendly friend. Just a thought, but Jake def comes off as straight on that video, so like I said it could be a smart pr stunt.

R106 you don't have to give us anything, you little conceited fangurl. Quite a few people heard her (and no one was shocked).

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If you've survived the gayby-gayboy experience, you can see it in some guys' faces or actions. Joe Jonas, nope wrong again op, not gay, but Kevin might be. Ok some others that have been mentioned on the thread. Hayden Christensen, no not gay, but he is very bratish. All are r43, you are making the classic mistake, if matt bomer was really gay, he'd be bearding and trying to hide it and shout about how straight he is, the fact is he is a very cool gay friendly guy, who doesn't have a homophobic problem with being asked if he is gay. Straight actors with hopes for a career do not let comments that he's gay stand.

He is known for being fiercly private but suddenly he is constanly talking about his gf Leslie, talking about his reasons for joining the theatre was to meet girls, and I have seen some pics from Iron Man 2 primiere where him and his girlfriend PDA antics makes Heidi and Spencer's seem subdued.

I am not saying Sam is gay but someone has definetly been telling him to kick his relationship and consequent heterosexuality into full gear.

While all would be exceptionally pretty gay men, only about half are even remotely agreed upon to be gay.

I might think Zac Efron, Chace Crawford and Joe Jonas are cute little twinks, but the fact that I want to fuck them doesn't make them "definitively" gay, nor have I ever heard real details other than the wishful speculation of DLers.

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