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Ultimately he lost the people he loved most — the teenage granddaughter whom he'd vowed to spoil when he accepted his winnings died of a drug overdose, his wife divorced him, and his daughter died.Whittaker eventually said he wished he'd torn up his winning ticket.Even overnight millionaires who don't sign away their money often end up unhappy; stories of legal trouble, greedy friends and family, and even tragic deaths are chock-a-block. Here's a look at a number of folks who made a quick fortune, what they bought, and how things turned out for them.It is so common for lottery winners to suffer tragedies that the Web is full of lists like Time's collection of Unluckiest Lottery Winners, which includes Chicago's Urooj Khan, who was poisoned right after receiving his check. Name: Kevin Lewis How he got rich: Someone with the same name won a drawing What he spent it on: Paying other people's bills In August 2013, a curious story hit the media: A Cincinnati casino ended up giving away not one but two million-dollar grand prizes when it initially awarded a giant check to someone with the same name as the intended winner.She hosted at least a couple parties there with hundreds of guests.Things went downhill fast just after the first Halloween — but it wasn't any of the spooks reputed to reside in the mansion that soured the mood.

Press accounts do not specify if Heimburger's stock option wealth ran into the millions, but it is known that the 26-year-old was able to pay 0,000 cash for Cleveland's Franklin Castle, which she hoped to turn into a bed and breakfast.

He ended up before a judge on drug charges, having spent the money, he told the court, paying other people's bills. Name: Jack Whittaker How he got rich: Lottery winner What he spent it on: Spoiling his granddaughter, gambling, strip clubs, lawsuits, a Hummer, charity Jack Whittaker of West Virginia was already a millionaire from his construction business when he won a 4 million Powerball jackpot in 2002 — at that time the largest undivided jackpot in history.

He said he planned to give much of his winnings to charity and avoid changing his life.

Maybe they should have been less modest — Oscar died in 2013, sounding from his obituary like a man who was truly unchanged by millionaire status.

Neither the oil nor the money was mentioned at all.

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