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Having this special reserve of tobacco allows us to ensure consistent flavor, and is an important component of our proprietary blending process.When it comes to constructing Macanudo, our artisans approach their work with a true passion, and this is evident in every stroke of their hands.Rigorous inspection for quality takes place at every stage in creating Macanudo cigars. From growing, to fermenting, grading, sizing and sorting the leaves, we pay meticulous attention to detail.Our cigars speak to the very definition of Macanudo – they are truly the very best.Ducks and geese typically (but not always) try to land into the wind.Set up your decoys upwind of where you want them to land so that your “pocket” or landing area allows them to fly into the wind and right into where you want them to “finish” or set down.

The frame size and color that is available for this model is brown and red and size(s) of 49-18-135.There are probably more variables that affect a duck’s behavior over decoys than of us humans will ever know, but here are some of the most important ones you need to be thinking about: • Wind conditions • Water type & conditions (big water, river or stream, flooded field, flooded timber, slough, creek or ditch…) • Temperature and time of the season • Water levels • Daylight and visibility • Hunting pressure (In your area and North in the flyway) • Decoy movement • Species hunted • Regional differences I’ll cover some of these variables here, and encourage all of our members to share their own ideas in the comments area at the end of the article.Wind Conditions: Tip #1: OK…so this one is pretty elementary but I have to mention it.Being a waterfowl hunter for most of my life I am still fascinated how small differences in decoy setups can have such a big impact on how approaching birds react (or not) — and ultimately on the success of your hunt.To be honest, I can’t tell you I have all the answers (and if anyone says they do they’re lying).

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