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There was a case when Caliph Umar had ordered the destruction of a mosque, which was built illegally on Jewish land.

The appellative Bukharian was adopted by Bukharan Jews who moved to English-speaking countries, in an anglicisation of the Hebrew Bukhari.Surrounded by gleaming mahogany, a surfeit of grip-and-grin photos and two immense oil paintings — one of Cornwallis surrendering to Washington at Yorktown, the other of Moses leading the Jews to the edge of the Reed Sea — Avrom Tolmasov and Roshel Rubinov are singing almost gleefully in Bukharan.They are two of the foremost performers of shashmaqom in the world today. at the Queens Theatre, [718] 760-0064; the conference on shashmaqom is Sunday at Center for the Bukharan Jewish Community (106-16 70th Ave., Forest Hills, [718] 275-5721.) The high-spirited men in the room have been from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Israel and Queens, and although they will be dressed in the colorful trappings of their traditions when they perform, right now they’re in casual clothes, except for Rubinov, who is resplendent in a cream-colored suit and tie.The voices soar, the harmonies arching over the almost percussive line laid down by the long-necked lute.The music is exhilarating, although the setting is a bit unlikely, a somewhat corporate-looking conference room in Forest Hills.

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