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Today, pictures of the scene showed a shattered pane of glass that was struck by Miss Beales as she fell.Tommy Brooks, 51, (bottom left) and Elaine Douglas, 51, (main picture) were unmasked as fraudsters after giving an incorrect flat number in the west London block where 72 people died in a massive blaze last June (bottom right).John Canty, who recorded the footage, said that one of the women was arrested afterwards and released with no further action.The two women (right) and one man (left) received the cosmetic treatments at the Persona Clinic in Bexley, south east London (inset) in February, spending more than £2,000 on Botox and lip fillers.One image showed a picture of Jarrett next to a character from Planet of the Apes, another showed a fake quote from Jarett's yearbook which claimed she wants to make American more Islamic, and a third was a doctored photo of Whoopie Goldberg in a t-shirt showing Trump shooting himself in the head.Barr also blamed her initial racist remark on sleeping tablets Ambien and said she hadn't realised Jarrett was black when she penned the Tweet.

The incident took place on Albion Avenue in Shildon, County Durham on Sunday afternoon.

But before their arrests they racked up bills for £104,000 during 243 nights at the Radisson Blu hotel in Kensington where Douglas spent £11,000 on food while also complaining about the quality of the menu.

The couple came to the UK from Jamaica in 2002 and were booked on return flights but did not show up.

They were ridiculed online, with one joker writing: 'The bloke has had some serious work done, the women look like they still need work doing.' Dramatic photographs and video show how a 292ft (89m) wind turbine caught fire as thunderstorms hit Britain.

Firefighters were called to the blaze at the top of the turbine (right) in Doddington, Cambridgeshire, at about 8am today - and parts of it have since broken off, with debris scattered across the surrounding fields.

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