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The more hardcore the kink, the more the lines can be blurred: BDSM in a SSC way is not this trope: It is either Casual Kink or Brains and Bondage, while people doing BDSM in an anti-SSC way falls under Bondage Is Bad unless this trope comes into play in some form; for example, the victim or another character pointing out that it's not the proper way to do BDSM.One notable subversion of this trope is pretending that abuse or exploitation is BDSM (and thus implied to be SSC). Contrast Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny and Bondage Is Bad.

Although SSC is the staple for much of the BDSM scene, requiring consent, able means to understand and "safe" circumstances, it is important to recognize that BDSM is also very complex and that these boundaries can be pushed in certain ways, for different kinks and relationships, and even for intense role-plays.

Ephesians ,32 teaches us that marriage is a picture of the love that Christ has for his bride, the Church.

No one paints a picture well unless they have seen and studied the original.

I felt like I’d given something precious away and could never have it back.

I knew none of the physical consequences of choosing to have sex early, but I was depressed.

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