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Problems will be there but relationships without problems are no fun!

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it'll teach them how to control their temper and think about other people's feelings before letting all hell break loose and painfully regretting it afterward (yes we are not robots and yes we're actually capable of feeling despite the typical sag stereotype)As a sag myself, I have learned to master the 'puppy eyes'.

We have our ups and downs but what relationship doesn't? Sag and Sag is our only perfect match besides sag and libra/taurus..leos/aries/gemini for some. we'd rather here it up front, deal with it, fix it, go forward.

this is hard because were not jealous but we'll flip out, question,think crazy assumptions, because we are scared of being heart because God blessed us with good hearts.

thats why we are hard to catch and we run away and others assume our standards are high,demanding,etc. Youll have periods of down time and chilling..get out do stuff, try diffrent stuff, switch the usual up, this is good every 6 months..i mean apply to everything food,dressing,colors,clothes,sex,talking,movies,etc . especially sexually.worry if ur a sag..u know u the best and if ur with the god like the first time everytime for a 1,00000000 years lol.

others aren't special and blessed like us so finding the perfect match else were is impossible. 4)have kids..well brang you together and make it impossible to leave.

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