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However, the truth is, there are no more "real 0 scousers. The phrase "scouser" was a harsh way of describing a child who was born on Mann Island.Mann Island was at the time, full of pubs, beggers, drunks, and prostitutes.Indeed the dish Scouse did derive from Northern Germany and Norway. Scandinavian sailors, of which there were plenty in Liverpool, and Liverpool has many people with some sort of Scandinavian decent, were called Scowegians or Scanwegians. Liverpool had large German and Scandinavian communities, which in one generation blended in.

The poll found evidence that more than a quarter of Britons (28 per cent) feel they have been discriminated against because of their regional accent, with two in five Londoners and over a third of Scots (37 per cent) feeling the most hard done by.

Scouse was a stew usually made from ship's biscuit and fish frequently eaten by sailors.

I'm not sure why the term stuck with Liverpool and not other ports, maybe it was particularily popular in Liverpool.

It comes from 'lobscouse' which was a dish eaten in those parts, made with hard tack and bully beef.

It was a traditional seaman's dish which may be of Viking origin. It is made with corned beef, onions, beetroot and mashed potatoes and flavoured with a pinch of cumin and served with a fried egg on top.

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