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After two years of operating in various parts of the World and in Cape Verde in September and October of 1999, the group recorded their sophomore album "King di Tabanka" in Brockton, MA, USA; characterized by clear technical developments, which covered other traditional musical styles: such as slow funaná, fast and sambado, drumming, tabanka (with the introduction of traditional wind instruments like bombona (conch with over 100 years), half Bumba and cornetinha) and the Finaçon (in partnership with a living legend of Cape Verde: [a=Nácia Gomi], aged 75 at the time).

The album was well received and helped to cement the group in the Cape Verdean musical landscape, as they continued to perform several shows throughout the World.

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In June 1997, the group recorded their first album "Fundu Baxu" in Rotterdam, the Netherlands which was released on 22 August, becoming the countries best selling album of that year.

They previously had recording under the artist name [a=Flypaper], with at least three of the tracks previously released on 7"s under that name on their own label [url= Of The City (2)]Sounds Of The City[/url], being included on this album.

When they cut the deal, they had enough music recorded to fill an album, and according to band leader [a=Mario E.

While the style of music had previously been made popular by Bulimundo, a band centered around guitarist Catchas, in the seventies.

Ferro Gaita had returned to the traditional instruments, using a Ferro and a Gaita in the nineties, which had previously been forsaken by the aforementioned bands for electronic instruments.

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