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Location is in Long Island, NY; Queens, NY and Jersey City, NJ. Home:, * Award win­ning artist, Col­lege degreed in music De­Paul Univer­sity, Uni­versity of Buf­falo & Akron Univer­sity, *Deciple of Ustad Rais Khan Name: The Anamika Navatman Project E-Mail: We are a South Asian per­forming arts organi­zation located in Man­hat­tan, NY who offer high quality clas­ses and pro­gram­ming for the dis­cern­ing patron! Baidya Field: Hindu­stani clas­sical vocal E-Mail: 4376 Misc. Info: Murali Bala­chandran has accom­pan­ied leading dancers and mus­ic­ians in var­ious parts of the world. Info: Learn to dance in trad­itional bolly­wood style. Ajna is a New York based dance com­pany that offers clas­ses, choreo­graphy and pro­fes­sional per­for­mances.

Info: I've been study­ing sitar for more than 20 years under the tute­lage of Mr.

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Info: For more info visit Field: Bolly­wood, Bhangra and Clas­sical Indian Dance - Clas­ses, Perfor­mances &, Choreo­graphy Address: New York City - several loca­tions Pearl Studios - 500 8th Avenue, New York, NY 440 Studios - 440 Lafayette, New York, NY Shockra Studio - 114 East 28th St, New York, NY Telephone: 646-319for our full sche­dule and list of ser­vices.

Folk Dances- pun­jabi bhangra, raja­sthani ghoomar, dandiya.... Main Street, Elms­ford, NY 10523 Telephone: 9 Misc.

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