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Before Boniface responded, Columbanus moved outside the jurisdiction of the Frankish bishops.Since the Easter issue appears to end around that time, Columbanus may have stopped celebrating Irish date of Easter after moving to Italy.The nearby village of Saint-Coulomb commemorates him in name.Columbanus and his companions were received with favour by King Gontram of Burgundy, and soon they made their way to Annegray, where they founded a monastery in an abandoned Roman fortress.Theuderic II venerated Columbanus and often visited him, but the saint admonished and rebuked him for his behaviour.When Theuderic began living with a mistress, the saint objected, earning the displeasure of Brunhilda, who thought a royal marriage would threaten her own power.When the bishops refused to abandon the matter, Columbanus, following Saint Patrick's canon, appealed directly to Pope Gregory I.In the third and only surviving letter, he asks "the holy Pope, his Father" to provide "the strong support of his authority" and to render a "verdict of his favour", apologising for "presuming to argue as it were, with him who sits in the chair of Peter, Apostle and Bearer of the Keys".

In defence of his following his traditional paschal cycle, he wrote: I am not the author of this divergence.I came as a poor stranger into these parts for the cause of Christ, Our Saviour.One thing alone I ask of you, holy Fathers, permit me to live in silence in these forests, near the bones of seventeen of my brethren now dead.Despite its remote location in the Vosges Mountains, the community became a popular pilgrimage site that attracted so many monastic vocations that two new monasteries had to be formed to accommodate them.The castle, soon transformed into a monastery, was located in a wild region, thickly covered with pine forests and brushwood.

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