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When you first come in, one of our team will greet you.Our team is friendly, well trained, knowledgeable and there to help you, so feel free to chat to them.It may be that there are outside agencies that could also help with benefits or housing, and if you agree we will be happy to refer you on and support you.

At any time in our lives, anyone can experience any type of mental health difficulties - if you have any worries or want to check things out - drop in for a chat!

So is it easier for older or younger jobseekers to find work? Jackie, 55 has a solid career history but following a mass of redundancies at her previous company she has found herself back in the job market.

“I’m at an age where some people might just consider retiring, but I have a good 8-10 years yet as that’s much longer than some people might consider in a permanent role.” But unfortunately Jackie isn’t having much luck getting another job.

However if a job needs doing and I can do it, so why not let me?

” Jackie asserts that being over 50 is a huge stumbling block.

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