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I have included some notes on this upheaval and Plantation to give a basic understanding of its circumstances and effect both materially and psychologically on the dispossessed lowland Catholic farmers who had to seek their existence on the inhospitable slopes and high ground of the Sperrins.The effect of the Williamite wars and the Plantation is still with us some 455 years after it happened.Many archivists of the religious orders to which many belonged to were also written to. I will not start to make a bibliography on my sources but I will simply say thanks to all who contributed in any way verbal written or supplying documentation.In a project such as this it is most important that the person assimilating the information does it with tact and consideration.

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Tyrone Ireland circa 1795-until the present with family tree information from 1725 some 270 years.

The O'Quins were a sept of the old O'Neills and O'Cathans.

As Tyrone and its surroundings were the lands of the O'Neills and the O'Quins were a sept of the O'Neills then this is really why there are so many Quinns still in the area.

However another variant is the name Campbell mostly seen as a Scottish name.

However the book goes on to identify that the name Mac Cathmhaoil is positively identified with Tyrone.

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