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By the beginning of the 1970s, Baltimore's downtown area known as the Inner Harbor had been neglected and was occupied by a collection of abandoned warehouses.

The nickname "Charm City" came from a 1975 meeting of advertisers seeking to improve the city's reputation.

Close to a third of the city's buildings (over 65,000) are designated as historic in the National Register, which is more than any other U. Over 65,000 properties are designated historic buildings in the National Register of Historic Places listings in Baltimore, more than any other U. One Paleo-Indian site and several Archaic period and Woodland period archaeological sites have been identified in Baltimore, including four from the Late Woodland period.

In the early 1600s, the immediate Baltimore vicinity was sparsely populated, if at all, by Native Americans.

& O.) made Baltimore a major shipping and manufacturing center by linking the city with major markets in the Midwest.

By 1820 its population had reached 60,000, and its economy had shifted from its base in tobacco plantations to sawmilling, shipbuilding, and textile production.

The Battle of Baltimore against the British in 1814 inspired the composition of the USA's national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner," and the construction of the Battle Monument which became the city's official emblem.Maryland, a slave state with abundant popular support for secession in some areas, remained part of the Union during the American Civil War, due in part to the Union's strategic occupation of the city in 1861.Baltimore saw the first casualties of the war on April 19, 1861, when Union Soldiers en route from the President Street Station to Camden Yards clashed with a secessionist mob in the Pratt Street Riot.These industries benefited from war but successfully shifted into infrastructure development during peacetime.Soon after the city created the world's first dental college, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, in 1840, and shared in the world's first telegraph line, between Baltimore and Washington DC in 1844.

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