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Social workers use internet search engines to try to find more information about their victims, so be careful about what you say and where you say it.

If you leave your phone number in the message, please disguise it by writing some numbers as letters, like this: 426-3two9-55five5.

If you’re looking for a PRO-BONO attorney, one that will work for free, don’t be surprised if that person is nearly impossible to find.

I don’t know of any attorneys who want to work for free. However, you can try these websites: Justice Denied :: ABA Directory of Pro-Bono Programs :: Bet Tzedek I don’t give referrals because I don’t know any attorneys well enough to confidently recommend them. Most busy attorneys don’t want to read long messages.

DO – Read this site and others like it to get ideas that you believe might work for you. DON’T – Ever miss a visitation opportunity with your kids.

Sometimes an out-of-county lawyer is better because he/she will be less likely to care about remaining “friends” with local judges and social workers.

Please read before posting: Who Will Prepare Your Case?

Missed visitations or drug tests will probably be held against you in court.

DO – Watch this video: collect documentary evidence DON’T – Give up.

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