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While certainly delicious smelling, and a laudable work of perfumery, JXXV evokes no emotional reaction in me whatsoever.That's why I say it's no more than the sum of its parts.

This scent is for a middle aged banker in a three piece suit behind a marble desk smoking a cigar with a cognac in one hand. Blackberry, oud and frankincense is what I am getting the most, but then it's really complex and non-linear. Longevity and projection are really good, but keep in mind it works (and stays) much better in colder temperatures, not so much in the summer heat. You'll have to find the right amount that works for you. I have tried / tested at least 10 other Amouage offerings, and I'm still coming back to this one, leaving the rest behind.

Longevity is impressive (nothing new to Bertrand Douchafour) and the projection is medium-high. So far I don't own any of those 2 fragrances but I am about to aquire 1 of them after trying testers of both. I tryed to mark this similarity between fragrances but the "This perfume reminds me of" BOX does not allow me to do so.

Anyway, it would be a sin if the note would be lower than the maximum one. I wonder why this happens here and in some other fragrances as well...

I got curious about Amouge offerings and since its next to impossible to find and everything I've read indicates Jubilation XXV is the best the house offers, I plucked down a very reasonable price for an 8mil decant on line.

First the facts: This stuff is incredibly well blended, complex, rich and 100% alpha male smelling.

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