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King Mackerel or Sierra catches have been off the wall when fishermen can get offshore... We need Ranger presence on the out islands of Culebra and Vieques to the lagoons of San Juan and the Rios of the North and South Coasts. Ask Till ask Pochy ask Marcos ask any guide who spends as much time on the water as we do and I'm pretty sure we would all tell you the same thing.are losing a battle and need help! Help for Luis and his generation so that they can enjoy what we once took for granted!! George is partners with Chad Schmukler of Hatch Magazine fame.

Getting a lot of reports of Dorado South and East of Vieques. Good day on the right with a couple of releases and the following day like fishing in a desert... Hope to do it again and with Meagan with us right! Makes you wonder which has more of an influence on our loves during this week of reflection, his Holiness or Coors Light? Coors is definitely got the edge on advertising for this event and it seems that the majority of people in attendance are spending way more time drinking Coors than attending Mass..what do I know ... We need to protect th recreational angling resource of Puerto Rico Now! Before it's too late and Luis's first Bone Fish becomes his last! both anglers have fished with me for years for Stripers in New Jersey and finally George made it down to Bone fish in Culebra.

St Thomas charter boats should be targeting their first Blue Marlin in that same area the end of this month. Any way delightful time on the flats with Brad Clark from Santa Cruz or in Gringo , St. Brad is an accomplished fly fisher and a pretty cool guy to hang out and fish with.anybody who hangs out and fishes with Tom Mcquade and George V. Don't get me wrong I support research but research takes time and is often more about the science than the Fish... He'll be back..tying his own knots if he's smart...

Lots of trips in the next 2 weeks so plenty of reports to come!! Of course this is just my opinion, just an ignorant fish guide who happens to be on the water almost everyday wishing I could remember half of what I forgot... Even though I practice strict catch and release and try to minimize my presence on any one particular area half the people that fish with me come back on their own and fish and and are continually adding to the recreational angling pressure. My friend Fernando Monllor on the right with his latest effort this March . Panchollo Carbonell and Fernando Monllor are no strangers to Culebra.

Puerto Rico has made some strides but has long way to go managing it's marine resources. Keep the slack out, the rod tip down, and the glass half full!! Grand Slam Bill Gehman only angler in PR history to register a Flats Grand Slam heads off to the deep with myself and my offshore partner the legend Maximo Gutierrez.

lack Of enforcement and failure to inform the public exactly what the current regulations are have been the biggest problems. In just a short rock and rolling couple of hours Bill Jumps a Pez Vela or Sail Fish kills a Nice Mahi, pictured on the right, and adds four Sierra to the box. It always amazes me after the annual Samana Santa bachennal that there are not Bone Fish swimming around the flats dodging empty Coors Light cans like no wake is amazingly clean out there!! Sure they rearranged the seascape in a few places not realizing that birds standing in the water probably means to the sober a general lack of water depth, but hey! Few Bones around doing their spring thing and a surprise Tarpon gathering with the latest hatch of snot bait..

3 fuel injectors in 2 years plus a blown powerhead gasket just doesn't cut it. I now have invested 50% of the original cost of the engine just in parts this season. Young Curt (10 years old) and damn I forgot to write his last name down , was a fine lad whoopin' his first Tarpon on Tuesday, a 60 lber and just about the same size as himself..kid is going to be a high liner . About a 10 lb Jack Crevalle with only one eye to issue in the new year for Jan Johnson. Husband Bill went on later to subdue about a 60 lb Tarpon on a very light spinning rod that broke in half during the fight.

Thanks to some great anglers over the past two weeks!The bonus of fishing isolated flats is the fish are not pressured and will almost always eat a good presentation. Now I'm saying all the Bone fish in the Bahamas are stupid but there is definitely a disproportionate amount of big dumb fish hanging around the North side of Grand Bahama. Keep your gotchas and Charlies in the box if you come to Culebra and save them for some of the dumbest fish in the world 900 miles to the North West.Kevin is a great angler and rarely let me down on the presentation part. One of the purposes of my trip at least from my angle was to test out some of our Culebra Bone fish patterns and see how they work out of town. The one fly that seems to work in both locales is a pattern we have used a lot here called a Meko special named after Omeko Glinton the head guide at Deep Water Cay on the Eastern end of Grand Bahama.Paul and I fished together last year and for sure took notes. I lost count of the number of fish I caught in one day but way up in the double digits, smallest 4 lbs Up to 8lbs on the top end.You want to catch a lot of big dumb Bone Fish, Grand Bahama my son, and don't look back........

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