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Chef Todd Mohr is a Certified Culinary Educator who has empowered home cooks all over the world with the reliable, dependable, repeatable METHODS behind cooking that build confidence, generate creativity and enable anyone to cook with the ingredients THEY desire.

I've been a life-time member for about a month and I'm still in module 1, busily practicing my sauté and grilling techniques.

Each video is FUN and QUICK, two very important features for busy professionals. I am having a blast and my husband is appreciating my new and improved meals. I'm impressed with the way chef reuses leftovers to create who new dishes. No recipes mean that no-one is telling you what to combine.

There are no rules, other than those of hygiene and these well taught methods.

Totally enjoying the course to date and eager to work my way through all the lessons. Already we are eating better and healthier foods and my husband loves it.

I love these classes because they are something I can do, when I can do it.

If you're wondering whether or not to buy this course, stop right now and sign yourself up.

I like having the resources and the homework assignments. I have been following the Web Cooking Class and Chef Todd Mohr since I enjoyed a webinar that he hosted.I could never figure out why, when everyone said that I am a good cook, that my results were inconsistent. Now that I am learning the methods and techniques I am getting much better results.I have not been too adventurous yet, I am still looking at recipes for inspiration, but now I don’t have to follow them word for word, I get the “method”.I recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn to cook and if you have kids do this course with them, it is a life skill everyone should have.I have been “cooking” and following recipes for 40 years, and yes I am good at following recipes, but now I am really learning how to cook.

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