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I'm about to get a new computer, so I hope to do more live webcams and shoot more videos soon. Friday, February 16, 2018 So this time I used the bathroom to do a Skype show with a fan from Washington, DC.

Fortunately, mine is big enough to let me do that reasonably comfortably what with all the hard, awkward surfaces you have to deal with.

I'm expecting a friend of mine to fly here in a couple of weeks; we'll be shooting a few videos together for the website. I just arrived in the Turks & Caicos Islands yesterday, and later on today I hope to be testing the quality of the internet here now (post-hurricanes).

It's a surprise, so I won't reveal his name just yet, lol. I hope I can get it fixed quickly here on the Island. So, keep your fingers crossed that everything works out for Sunday's live webcam show.

And I hope to be able to start having live webcam shows again soon, just waiting for some repairs to my computer.

(I really shouldn't be allowed near computers or cell phones, that what I keep getting told anyway, ha ha.) Happy New Year!

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It was freezing cold outside in both places, but we managed to heat things up between ourselves.Hopefully the next video will be one of the new Brent & Brandon ones out in the sun among palm trees and blue-green ocean water. Cheers, George, Member Services Saturday, May 12, 2018 We're really sorry for today's webcam show cancellation. Brandon Wilde brought his laptop with him, of course, but unfortunately it's an Apple product.Brent is still looking for a work-around but that won't happen today. Check out Brent & Brandon's apology video on the homepage!The correct links to Brent's accounts are on the Homepage of this site and on his Blog.Tuesday, May 15, 2018 While Brent and Brandon are out on their Caribbean island shooting a few scenes with Steve's help, here's another Skype video from a while ago - "On the Quick" - with a typical Brent cumshot. but inadvertently bought a Google Chromebook which is totally incompatible with Windows software at this point and won't run the webcam software which is Windows only.

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