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An N-sphere can be tied in a knot in N 2 dimensional space.

An N-sphere can be tied in knots in N 2 dimensions.

For example, a line has 2 sides (ends), a square has 4 sides, a cube has 6 sides, and a hypercube has __* sides.

Ordinary knots (that you can tie with string) can only exist in exactly 3 dimensions.

Mathematicians are pretty good at talking about things in spaces with any number of dimensions.

Sometimes that math is fairly easy and even intuitive.

And the format is a natural fit for startups because our disruptive, fun format attracts talent that may not show up to an after-hours mixer or job fair.

“Creativity and energy are highly encouraged, so no two Talent Jam pitches are alike.

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2-spheres (the surface of a ball) can be tied in knots in four dimensions.The event takes place at the Bank of Ireland Workbench on Patrick Street and promises to connect up to 20 Irish tech startups that are seeking talent with local professionals interested in working with them.Talent Jam live events feature one-minute ‘open mic’ pitches, where presenters describe their talent needs to a live audience followed by a session of networking.In 2D a dot can be stuck inside of a circle, but if we have the option to “lift” part of the circle in a new direction then the dot can get out.From the perspective of the flat denizens of 2D space, this looks like part of the circle being removed.

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