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Speed Networking helped me realize there is no "right" way to become a leader in the community.Some of the community and business leaders said they didn't feel "qualified" to be on the other side of the table.I am hopeful for our future generations of leaders, but this event solidified my belief that young people are out there making things happen.They aren’t afraid to be movers and shakers, and they have the energy and insight to really create change and do good. I think established leaders are very busy, so taking time to connect with emerging leaders at a planned event (with food!Each group was given 3 minutes to discuss the question and then ding, the bell rang and it was time to move on to meet the next individual.After the event, we asked two leaders to share their experiences at Speed Networking, one from the vantage point of a young professional and the other as an established leader.

For this event, emerging leaders were paired with an established leaders and posed a question about leadership and professional development.

Another point that was driven by many leaders was to keep an open mind to change and always be willing to learn.

Embracing those two important mentalities can open the door for so many opportunities.

It was rewarding to meet with leaders outside of my field that were willing to take the time to share meaningful advice and offer up contact information to stay connected. Being a new member of ELA, I wasn't sure what to expect but it exceeded my expectations.

The leaders’ willingness to offer advice, and openly share their stories meant a great deal to an emerging leader like myself.

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