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Keystone’s professionals bring a wealth of experience in operating and building businesses.

Because our reputation is paramount, Keystone only commits to doing what we know we can deliver.

This simple fact creates a partnership dynamic that fosters complete alignment of interests and a disciplined, thoughtful approach to risk taking.

Investment Date: January 2018 Business Overview Arbour Group is a leading provider of regulatory compliance services for the global life sciences industry.

It’s easy to take unnecessary risks when you are investing outside investors’ money.

However, like our management teams, Keystone has our own “skin in the game”.

Keystone’s investments all share one thing in common – a mutual commitment by management and Keystone to thoughtfully and patiently build a sustainable, market-leading business. We are hungry to continue aggressively investing in first-class companies and teams, building “proud to own” businesses and enjoying the journey along the way.

Keystone is single-mindedly focused on working hand-in-hand with business leaders to create long-term value.

Our size, entrepreneurial approach, and lack of formal committees result in quick decisions and certainty to close for sellers which we have consistently demonstrated over the last 20 years.We do not have a short-term outlook, but instead, are in it for the long-haul exercising the patience and dedication needed to build highly successful companies.We have operating experience so we can roll up our sleeves next to our management partners, respecting and learning from their deep expertise while providing our full support and guidance.Our partnership approach extends to the third party service providers with whom we work.We have steadfast, long-standing banking relationships providing us strength, security, and reliable financial support, even in uncertain economic times.

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