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The Metrocars are articulated sets built on three bogies, being built by Metropolitan Cammell at Birmingham, using GEC Ltd.

electrical equipment and bogies built by the German Dewag Company.

The tunnels in Newcastle are being driven through boulder clay and are being lined with cast-iron or concrete segments. to be outshopped by British Railways from Doncaster Plant bearing a B. This was on one of the most atrocious nights of our "Siberian"winter and we had another great attendance. of the Royal Scot, Jubilee and Coronation classes, many in fact, being transferred from Royal Scots to Jubilees. Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46250 86 208 City of Chester-Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46236 86 209 City of Coventry-Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46240 86 210 City of Edinburgh-Coronation Class 4-6-2 No.46241 86 211 City of Milton Keynes-new name 86 212 Preston Guild 86 213 Lancashire Witch-Royal Scot 4-6-0 No.46125 (renamed 3rd. At Monument Station in the centre of Newcastle the twin-track North-South and East-West routes cross and direct access is being provided with the Eldon Square Shopping Centre. The vast majority of these names were carried by ex. The control centre for the Metro is located at South Gosforth and this controls the signalling and keeps radio-communication with all Metrocars. Below are listed all alterations to British Railways, locomotive fleet since the publication of the "Motive Power Pocket Book - Winter 1979" and also reported alterations to industrial fleets and preserved ex. 08 347-YK;08 361-EJ;08 399-LO;08 400-LE;08 465-CD;08 484-CF;08 549-MR; 08 561-GM;08 592-RG; 08 636-MG;08 632TE (ex.store); 08 646-BR;08 853-ED;08 953-NA;20 003-IM then TI; 20 046 IM to TI;20 093/4/5-IM;20 103/6-IM then TI;20 107-IM;20 144/5 TI;25 050-ED;25 064-ED;25 066-IS; 31 161-MRQ1 167-TE;31 183-MR;31 194-MR;31 237-U;31 248~IM;31 257-BR;31 266-IM;31 270-YK; 31 307-BR01 311IM then TI;31 317-IM;37 020-TE;37 026-ML;37 028-HM then ED;37 029-GD; 37 042-TE07 046-ED07 056-ML;37 081-ML;37 095/6-HM;37 103/5/12-HM;37 120-SFQ7 124/5/6/737 129-ML;37 131/2IM07 137/9-ML;37 156/7-MLO7 289/90-CF;40 012-KD;40 o68-GD;4o o81/3/44o 094-SP;40 138/9-KD;40 150-HA;45 020/3TI;45 063-YK;47 015-CF;47 149-LA then ED;47 204-T 47 205-CD;47 316-im;47 331-BS;47 337/8-BS;47 347-CD;47 431/57/8/60/1-IM;47 473-LE; 08 353 vr;08 363 vrh;08 393 a;08 399 a;08 405 a;08 413 a;08 449 a;08 459 v;08 499 a;08 501.08 511 a;25 037 xb;25 049 xb;25 190 xo;25 192 xo;25 209 xo;25 211 xo;25 212 xo;25 235 xb; 26 014 vb01 131 xb;31 145 xi;31 154 xi;31 159 xi;31 166 xi;31 212 xb;31 299 vo;31 307 xi; 31 311 x0Q1 419 e;31 423 e;37 009 xo;37 027 xb;37 038 xb07 054 xb;37 096 x0Q7 107 xb; Paper Mills, Nr. Blaen Garw; 07 003 British Industrial Sand, Staffs.;4070 Whittle Colliery. Backworth, Tyne & Wear; Delete 2148/50/78(2nd.inclusion 2123-2186-3648-4074-all scrapped.

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