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Visit this museum to find out about the bank's history, it's buildings and some of it's key people over the past 300 years.

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When the line was electrified, BR Southern Region took the opportunity to raise the track bed in Ryde Tunnel by another 25cm, in an only-partially successful attempt to address recurrent flooding problems there.

Being close to the sea, and the track bed being lower than sea level, flooding risks have been ever present.

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London Tube trains regularly operate on a line that never appears on any Tube map.

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With the Square Mile on its doorstep, it is just minutes from Liverpool Street train station as well as Bank and Moorgate Underground stations.

It is single track south of Smallbrook Junction station, where connections can be made with the preserved Isle of Wight Steam Railway, and there is a passing loop at Sandown.

The down line between Ryde Pier Head and Ryde Esplanade is currently rusting and unused, with that section now effectively operated as a single track railway.

Whilst the former had been specified to operate 7 car trains up to every 12 minutes, it has degraded significantly in recent years.

Island Line runs between Ryde Pier Head station, half a mile out to sea (at high tide) on the north-east coast of the Isle of Wight, and Shanklin on the Island’s south-east coast.

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