Ssis updating database

But, when I first starting building BI solutions, I was hardly able to find any architectural guidance for best practices for building BI solutions based Microsoft’s tools.

Microsoft has a wonderful set of tools to create powerful BI solutions, nevertheless the learning curve is pretty steep.

Understanding the options will help you avoid common pitfalls. The goal of transformation is to convert raw input data to an OLAP-friendly data model. If you’re not familiar with this I highly recommend reading Ralph Kimball’s book “The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling”.

Understanding dimensional modeling is essential for building BI systems.

The figure below illustrates this process: The top level control flow in the Integration Services project may look like this: The “Extract and Transform” box is a sequence container that holds a data flow for each of the tables that will be refreshed in the data warehouse.

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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a development tool and runtime that is optimized for building ETL processes.After learning a lot of lessons the hard way I decided to share my best practices in this blog.In this post I’ll compare the two approaches on how to extract and transform (the ‘E’ and ‘T’ in ‘ETL’) data from external databases using SSIS and SQL Server.This is why I call this the “obvious” approach and many tutorials about SSIS follow this approach.The obvious approach seems especially attractive because it is very efficient and there’s no need to store intermediate results.

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