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A recent Europe-wide survey on gender-based violence revealed widespread victim blaming and problematic views on consent.Nearly one-third of respondents said they believed that sex without consent is sometimes justified. Blus said, is that people still see rape as an attack carried out by a person who jumps out of the bushes and leaves signs of physical violence on a victim.

“The new legislation has not lowered the burden of proof, since the prosecutor has to prove that a crime was committed and they have to prove intent.”The Istanbul Convention, a Council of Europe convention, is the most comprehensive legal framework to tackle sexual violence against women and girls and obliges signatories to ban all nonconsensual sexual acts.

Other countries that have consent-based legislation include England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Belgium, and Germany.

Finland and Denmark are also considering similar proposals.

In reality, the majority of rapes occur within relationships or are so-called date rapes.

Elin Sundin, the director of Fatta (“Get It”), an organization that has promoted the passing of consent-based legislation for years, said the new law would change attitudes about sex.

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