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It pains you to think this , could capture the sexual attention of your wife, sister or daughter.If that is not insecurity at its highest level, I do not know what is.There are certain things that become part of us, which the next generation learns from the previous. Evil acts occur daily, but we know that decent acts occur daily as well.With time, the old beliefs become part of the next generation. The blogger with the comment above, will pass down his beliefs to his children.It’s a very strong marker for ‘I make terrible life decisions that will bring you down too.’ for their slave-owners, the mere glance of a Black male in the direction of a Caucasian woman was grounds for his hanging. The slave owners ravished Black females daily, but for some reason, they had this fear or hatred for encounters between Black males and Caucasian women. If you enjoyed raping Black female slaves on a daily basis, why did you fear a mere glance between Black male slaves and Caucasian women? I want to dissect this inferiority complex, which is present in a number of racist males today.As a male plantation owner, you could own several hundred slaves. Sexually, you had the ability to choose any of your female slaves, and in some instances, male slaves.I usually laugh, whenever I encounter someone who speaks in this manner. In other words, they expect a negative reaction, or a reaction. With that said, this comment comes from a Caucasian male, addressing his disdain for Caucasian women.

However, in no way does that sentence undermine the existence of racism.

Let us say he does encounter this woman, and let us say her previous three boyfriends were Black.

If this woman does not make it apparent that she did have relationships with Black males, does he outright pose the question? Since this topic is considered a , for new readers, if you wish to respond with a disagreement, please read my posts involving the subject of disagreeing here and here.

The other bloggers commenting will pass their message down as well. I understand how life works, but as mentioned before, I can respect people whom are openly against individuals who look like me.

However, I cannot respect those who smile in my face, yet in private, are members of the most hateful groups online or offline.

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