Talk one on one withhorny

I heard her take a deep breath I was picturing one of them sticking a dick in her.The tent started moving again after a few minutes I heard Sandy say deeper John, deeper harder.After about an hour I knew she was getting real horny, I noticed she had turned around and was looking at the guys playing pool, I looked around there wasnt anyone around but the four of us I ask her if shed like for me to help her get those two guys to screw her. With that I walked up behind Sandy and pulled her tube top down to her waste showing her tits.She said what are you doing, I told her I wanted those two guys to see her tits and nipples.

But later she told me they were fucking her with the coke bottle.

I knew what they were doing to Sandy when she said its your turn to fuck me with the bottle Jim.

It didnt take Jim long she said he jammed the bottle all the way in my pussy in one hard push and started fucking me, he fucked me till I came again She said they made her eat her own cum again although it was her idea.

We got to the camping grounds early afternoon, unpacked the car and set up the tent.

While we were setting up the tent we notice a couple of guys a couple of spots down from us were also setting up a tent it looked to be about an 8 by 10 tent.

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