Teedn dating help who is matt lauer dating

That's right, folks, the guy who allegedly cheated with the nanny (which was never confirmed, but strongly hinted at) is getting close to the woman who was cheated on numerous times (one publication put the number at 120 women) by her golf champ ex.

British singer Gavin, 50, and Swedish ex-model Elin, 36, may have had a thing or two to bond over after both being involved in very public marriage scandals. They were reportedly set up by friends, and they've already teed up (sorry for the golf pun) a second date."Elin flies to LA on her private plane a lot," the source added.

Fellow blonde beauty Elin also was put through the ringer when Tiger's infidelity was the biggest story in the world in 2009.

They divorced in August 2010, and Elin later had a one-year relationship with billionaire Chris Cline.

That way, you won’t have to figure it out in the heat of the moment.

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