Ten commandments of dating summary

But even ignoring that, most of these Blue Laws have — correctly — been repealed.Not only that, but I suspect that a lot of these politicians making claims about the Ten Commandments themselves work on Sundays (or even Saturdays).To be honest, I think these laws are silly, and I’m glad they’re not taken too seriously.If someone chooses to have adulterous relations outside their marriage, that’s up to them.Note too that the code of Ur-Nammu, which predates Moses by centuries, expressly forbad murder.Also, people kill all the time, and it’s not necessarily illegal. Some people say that the Commandment actually translates to "murder", which would then exclude my two examples. But either way, the Commandments can’t really claim first rights to this one.As we ramp up to the mid-term elections in November 2010 — sure to be just a warmup to the insanity that will be the Presidential election in 2012 — you can bet your bottom shekel that we’ll be hearing from a lot of "family values" politicians decrying our lack of morality.

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From what I’ve read, much of the rules laid out in the Constitution were taken from British law, and that itself may have roots traceable back to the Commandments.

Heck, even some other primates apparently can grieve over the loss of other primates.

So I don’t think we can actually state that our laws are on this Commandment; it’s more like they have a common ancestor.

In this sense (and more things listed below), my feelings would fall under the purview of libertarianism.

Mind you, there are some things that may be bad behavior but aren’t necessarily illegal.

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