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Maybe this was the beginning of something much larger.

Maybe there would be more pictures, these gruesome still lifes, to come.

This month marks the culmination of their work: On January 5, sixteen defendants will stand trial in federal court on charges that they engaged in a “calculated and cold-blooded” conspiracy to distribute heroin in Plano.

Mostly Mexican Americans and Mexican nationals—some with nicknames such as Beefy and Dreamer—they are believed to be the primary heroin distributors in Collin County.

People don’t flock to Plano for complicated reasons; they do so because it is a boomtown, the sort of place that promises to be better than whatever was left behind.

With 206,000 residents, many of them recent transplants, it is also the fifth fastest-growing city in the nation.Now heroin has hit the city hard: There have been fifteen fatal overdoses in the past two years, nine of them teenagers, all but one younger than 23.They came from good homes and had bright futures: a young Marine home for the holidays, a philosophy major at the University of Texas at Austin, a high school senior preparing for a summer trip to Europe, a football star from Plano East Senior High.(Nearly a dozen others in their teens and early twenties were included in the original federal indictment, for dealing heroin to their friends, but they have plea-bargained and received relatively light sentences.) Prosecutors will attempt to trace the heroin that was found in the bodies of four deceased overdose victims back to them and use an obscure federal law that adds a minimum of twenty years to dealers’ sentences if the drugs they peddled resulted in a fatal overdose.These are effectively murder charges; if convicted, the defendants could be sentenced to life in prison. drug czar Barry Mc Caffrey designated Dallas a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area in October, earmarking million for the Metroplex, and the Senate has set aside million to fund anti-drug task forces already under way around the state.

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