Textarea maxlength validating Sex chat in sms online

However, it is highly unlikely that the reader who is expected to shortlist candidates on the bases on these questions is interested in your life story.Instead, he is interested in a short and precise answer which can help him in analyzing the person and his attributes.

I tried the vtypes, and they don't work for this, though the email vtype was a great time saver for email validation. If you truely want to restrict the user from typing, you can always define a mask using mask Re. Is there a built in way to stop a user from entering more than the max Length in a The built-in validation shows the red outline when it goes over the set max Length, but it doesn't stop the user from typing more.

Certainly, and like always, whatever HTML can’t do, Javascript does.

A simple Javascript message is a basic and often underrated utility that more often than not proves to be the savior.

I've done some digging and found why it's not working as it should, and I also offer a workaround for you if interested.

Now, some might point out that with CFFORM maxlength validation, you need to remember to set validate="maxlength", and that's true.

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