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Bunsen suggest a scientific date at his lab, Beaker meeps something unintelligible in which michelle thinks is sick and not funny.

However, When Animal is asked for his idea of a fun date, he gets to his feet and runs towards Pfeiffer yelling "MICHELLE, MICHELLE! After showing the clip, Pfeiffer explains to Clifford that she ended up dating Animal, but hasn't seen him in years and wonders if he's changed.

Unwilling to act like model contestants, Squiggy reveals Laverne and Shirley's names and phone numbers on the air, much to the girls' shock.

After the bacherlorette sees her choice of date, namely Squiggy, she refuses to go out with him, at which point Squiggy asks Lange to let Lenny be his date.

But of course he hasn't where at that moment, Animal appears on stage and chases Pfeiffer off while screaming her name.

Even Saturday Night Live parodied The Dating Game twice.

The commercial starts with a Jim Lange-type host asking the generic male contestant "So are you ready to meet your date? " while the husband on the left side of the bed says: "I'm so happy for them!

Another sketch-comedy show MADtv has also had a share of a few parodies of The Dating Game.

In a 1980 episode of Laverne & Shirley, Lenny & Squiggy both appeared as contestants on the same episode of the Dating Game (featuring a very accurate re-creation of the 60s-era set and Jim Lange portraying himself as host).

Sesame Street also had a variation on the premise and concept of Dating Game, only the contestant would have to choose a pet animal.

This game show sketch was called "Pick Your Pet" and was the first game show spoofing skit on Sesame Street.

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