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" Just a year later, he was secretly courting a 42-year-old widow, Edith Bolling Galt.They carried out a secret romance and, though they lived just blocks apart, Wilson sent his future wife frequent love letters, some 20 pages long.Russell Rebekah Suggs Director, New Media Maria Daniels Interactive Media Danielle Dell'Olio Publicity Daphne B. Debs Foundation Brown Brothers Imperial War Museum KCET Production Executive Joyce Campbell KCET Executive in Charge Mary Mazur For AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Post Production James E.Noyes Johanna Baker Coordinating Producer Susan Mottau Series Editor Sharon Grimberg Senior Producer Mark Samels Executive Producer Margaret Drain A KCET Hollywood Production in association with Red Hill Productions for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (c) 2002 WGBH Educational Foundation and Community Television of Southern California All Rights Reserved Part 2: Woodrow Wilson: The Redemption of the World Directed by Carl Byker and Mitch Wilson Written by Carl Byker & David Mrazek Cinematography by Mitch Wilson Produced by Carl Byker, David Mrazek and Richard Kassebaum Narrated by Linda Hunt Voices Woodrow Wilson Rene Auberjonois Edith Wilson Marion Ross Ray Baker Eric Stoltz Co-Produced by John Mora Teresa Fitzgerald Production Coordinator Jack Combs Edited by Victor Livingston Isaac Mizrahi Music by David Vanacore and Victor Vanacore Sound by Tom Huth and Scott Kolben Costume Designer Shura Pollatsek Production Manager Bettina Bennewitz Production Assistant Katrin Frye Motion Control Camera Rusty Colby Legal Advisors Susan Reardon Jennifer Richmond Rights and Clearances Yvonne Johnson Chief Historian John Milton Cooper Academic Advisors John Morton Blum Victoria Bissell Brown Michael Kazin David Kennedy Thomas Knock Walter La Feber John Mulder Ronald Schaffer John Thompson Jay Winter Actors Peter Parks Ginnine Cocuzza Kurt Mc Cortney William Hartson Charles Sammarco Lawrence Hudd Additional Voices Wally Burr Steve Kramer Special Thanks Princeton University / Conference Services Woodrow Wilson House Museum - Washington D. Woodrow Wilson House - Augusta, GA Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and Museum - Staunton, VA The Drumthwacket Foundation Bermuda Department of Tourism Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial, The American Battle Monuments Commission Hillmont House Pasadena Masonic Temple French National Film Commission Bonnie Nelson Durango and Silverton Railroad San Diego Railroad Museum Estate of Ike Hoover Edward Nescott The Ovation Singers - Staunton, VA Film Footage and Still Photographs provided by Budget Films F. Dunford Rose Compagine Greg Shea Series Designer Alison Kennedy On-line Editor Mark Steele Sound Mix John Jenkins Series Theme Mark Adler Business Manager John Van Hagen Project Administration Nancy Farrell Vanessa Ruiz Helen R.He cherished his first and second wives dearly, but nonetheless was unfaithful.He made the women in his life his confidantes and relied on them more than he should.

He, Thomas Woodrow Wilson was to be the 28th president of the United States. "Swaying torches made grotesque circles of light," his daughter remembered. "These people, strangers who had chosen him to be their leader, now claimed him.

Ironically, the future president showed little promise in his youth.

He was an average student and a directionless young man.

And there was the President at Buckingham Palace with the King of England.

Narrator The newsreels were testimony to the man Wilson had once been.

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