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PVR function was a little awkward - you have to set the schedule AND make sure it's set to Record, not just to tune in and Show the program you've scheduled. Yes, the menu's could be better for record scheduler, and it could do with a Slow-Forward function, so TV Geeks can freeze frame and slow play sections.The only downside for me, is this version doesn't have an ethernet port to connect to network shared media.I bought the unit specifically to record when I wasn't home and so the family could watch other channels while I recorded.Have missed numerous programs due to this so will be taking unit back. I don't want to buy a TV for watching news only.

The remote control is very small and I seem to have to be directly in front of the unit for the remote to work.I manually set the time on set top box and has worked fine since. For the price and what I needed it for it's good. It is suitable for me as I do not watch much free to air TV nowadays and did not want to spend too much as I watch a lot more content from the Internet video on demand services now. CONS - Single tuner so can only record or view one channel at a time. It can record maybe Channel 7 and view another channel on the 7 network but not another network.Only suggestion for a future firmware update would be to be able to put in a stop time after you have manually started recording ( so you could tape end of a good movie if you are tired and want to finish watching tomorrow ). If you are using to upgrade your TV to HD pay more - don't get this unit as the remote to device signal can be crappy. I am using it to record shows I miss when I am at work as my older Tv doesn't have a PVR function and other people in the house want to watch other shows. - Does not include a hard drive so if you need time shift or record feature, you need to plug in your own external USB drive. - User manual not very clear - No search feature on EPG to search a program title. I am coming from using a TIVO box for several years which costed about 0-0 at that time.So if you want to stream video & network a media player, this is not the one to buy.But if all you want is a very affordable set top box come media player & DVR, then at the price point for this item, it offers great value for money. Complete garbage & has never worked properly - loses channels; voice goes out of sync with picture; very slow warm up, changes channels without warning, switches off unprompted and sometimes need repeated cold restarts to get half working.

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