Topher grace and kate bosworth dating

As I said the entire story plays out in the manner in which you expect.

This lack of originality wouldn't be so bad if we actually felt some sort of connection to the characters in this love triangle but the closest we get to a connection is expectedly feeling sorry for Pete because he is a nice guy who can't catch a break.

Topher Grace net worth: Topher Grace is an American actor who has an estimated net worth of million dollars.

Topher Grace was born in New York City in 1978 and grew up in Darien, Connecticut where his childhood friends included actress Kate Bosworth and his babysitter was Chloe Sevigny.

(born January 2, 1983) is an American actress, model and singer.

What this all boils down to is that "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

In 2004, she portrayed Sandra Dee in Kevin Spacey's Beyond the Sea.

Bosworth since appeared in several notable films, including Superman Returns (2006), where she played Lois Lane, and 2008's blackjack drama film 21.

The film's producers needed someone who was already an experienced horse rider, leading to Bosworth's successful audition for the role. The breakthrough role in Bosworth's career came in the 2002 surfing movie Blue Crush, which she prepared for by working out with two separate trainers seven hours a day for months in order to add fifteen pounds of muscle to her frame.

Following the success of Blue Crush, Bosworth took on roles in the indie films The Rules of Attraction (2002), and a darker turn in Wonderland (2003) opposite Val Kilmer, where she played the teenage girlfriend of porn star John Holmes.

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