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The Catholic school wasrenowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education.

As she showered, the petite blonde reflected back on the interview processwith the head mistress, sister Ann.

She figured theskirt must have been okay, since the blouse fit perfectly.

With one finalapproving glance, she gathered her things and headed to school.

She remembered how sister Ann commentedon how tiny she was and that she wondered if she might 'get lost in thecrowded hallways'.

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Jenna stepped back andin a shocked tone exclaimed, "What are you doing?Jenna finished powdering herself after her shower andbegan to get dressed. The blouse was tailor made, soit accentuated her full figure and gave her already narrow waist and eventighter V-shape.She pulled on the skirt and realized that it seemedextremely short. Jenna turned aroundseveral times and checked her appearance in the mirror.Fall was in the air as the smell of freshly fallen leaves filled the air asshe walked from the parking lot to the school.It was a large two-storybrick building, partly covered in ivy, that housed a dorm section for thegirls to sleep in, a recreation room and classrooms.

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