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When Kevin and his family were snorkeling in the Caribbean he had to shift focus for a moment to take care of some paperwork.His passport was dropped, fell through some slats on a dock, and a crab in the sand below grabbed Kevin’s passport and took it into his crab hole.When he’s not foraging for elusive morel mushrooms (one of the most prized, wild, edible mushrooms in the world), he enjoys spending free time with his wife and son.

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It’s the kind of voice that, when you here him say “There, there” all your muscles relax and an incredible calm manifests from the depths of your very soul and all is right with the world.

Zoro’s mom (Marilyn Banderas-Schwarzenegger Fox) picked Zoro’s name straight out of the Spanish dictionary. The second “r” was dropped from Zoro’s name because his mom could only get her diaper bag monogrammed with 4 letters.

Easy decision for mom—it really was a pretty awesome diaper bag.

But on occasion Zoro will throw out a first pitch at a baseball game, race a motorcycle, initiate a Nerf gun war, or give a kid a high-five at the zoo. Fox’s world: the riblets are warm, the music is rockin’, and there are happy customers everywhere you look. Most recently he was kicking around across the pond and helping one of our sister companies ascend to greatness. (We don’t know what, “it” is yet, but we’re certain Kevin is the guy to figure that out.) When Kevin isn’t here at the foxhole, he likes to bike, play golf, and spend time with his kids.

Now he’s here, he’s ready to join the fun (and the softball team), and is going to make. His two daughters, Claire and Audrey, are very excited to be coming to the United States and cannot wait to visit the foxhole. Among his favorite places to live are Chicago and the Netherlands. (That really doesn’t translate well via text, does it?

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